Why Regular Electrical Maintenance is Essential

DC420 032Running a business can be an incredibly costly endeavour. From staff wages to water bills, every little thing adds up quickly, making the business of actually turning a profit all the more difficult. In these hard times then, it’s common to try to save money where we can.

When you’re running a premises, those cost cutting measures might mean lowering the stationary budget switching to energy saving light bulbs or suggesting the staff wear jumpers rather than turning up the heating. Or, it could mean putting back your plans for electrical maintenance. We think that’s a mistake, so join us as we explain three main reasons regular electrical maintenance is crucial for your business.

Skipping it can cost your business.

Every UK business has an obligation to ensure that its electrical appliances and systems are safe and in full working order. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are using 2016 to crack down on businesses that aren’t compliant with the rules, and have already given out a number of heavy fines to businesses which have failed to meet that obligation. Needless to say, the cost of regular maintenance visits is significantly lower than the fines incurred, or the cost of replacing your premises after an electrical fire.

It reduces costs.

Regular visits from electrical maintenance contractors might seem like an expense, but in the medium and long term it actually results in money saved. By effectively maintaining your businesses assets and infrastructure, they’ll last longer before needing to be replaced. Indeed, if your business does sign up for regular visits, you’ll never bump up against those nasty little surprises that always seem just around the corner, like missed statutory inspections.

It protects your business.

It’s fair to say that we’d all put the safety of our employees above anything else. They’re the people who come in and make what we do possible, but without regular electrical maintenance, you’re putting their safety at risk. Businesses are often fined large sums for failing to secure the safety of their employees around electricity, and one can only imagine the distress it causes to all parties. So, don’t leave it to chance.

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