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Energy Saving Lights in Manchester




Why should you get energy saving lighting solutions?

Intelligent Lighting for Smart Businesses. Cut costs and grow profits - See how our bespoke energy saving lighting services can benefit your business.

McLennans Electrical offer bespoke solutions designed to produce maximum energy savings for your business.

Every building, warehouse, factory or office is different, has diverse uses, operates at varying times and with fluctuating occupancy levels, therefore every lighting solution must be unique. Our versatile product range uses the latest LED and fluorescent technologies, allowing us to create solutions suitable for any number of environments.

Furthermore, our UK developed, designed and manufactured range of sensors are engineered to work exclusively with our lighting products. Therefore every product we build incorporates its own unique sensor and is designed with specific applications in mind. This enables each solution to offer pinpoint presence and daylight detection, capable of drawing maximum energy savings from any given environment without compromising the quality of light.

8 Important considerations why you should opt for LED lighting over traditional HID and fluorescent

  1. Long life, low maintenance cost - LED lifespan can be over 50,000 hours with consistent light output. If used for 10 hours every day the lifespan could exceed 10 years, offering savings through reduced maintenance costs.
  2. Extended lumen maintenance - HID and Fluorescent lamps have a far shorter life with higher lumen depreciation meaning lamp changes have to be made far more frequently (as often as every 9 months for HID) in order to maintain the required light level.
  3. Fully dimmable - Being able to fully dim LEDs makes for greater energy savings and extended lifetime as well as operating in conjunction with sensor controls.
  4. Glass and mercury free - Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs have no brittle glass casing. This combined with being mercury free makes them the ideal choice for food safe environments where contamination must be avoided.
  5. Rugged durability and reliability - LED lights have no fragile filament or tube. They are generally more resistant to cold temperatures and shock, relative to HID and fluorescent lamps.
  6. Flicker free operation - Switch start and discharge luminaires exhibit flicker whilst in operation. This stroboscopic effect can be dangerous in areas with moving or rotating machinery and can also trigger epilepsy. LEDs operate with no flicker.
  7. No UV or IR - LEDs produce no Ultraviolet or Infrared which offers wider application potential.
  8. Instant light - LEDs have no ‘run-up’ period or re-strike delay which can occur with HID lighting. Unlike fluorescent and HID lamps, LEDs are not affected by switching. Therefore, regardless of switching cycles LED life will remain the same.

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions for Warehousing and Logistics

What energy saving lighting options are there for Warehousing and Logistics environments?

Warehousing typically has large areas with low foot fall, traditional lighting installations operating continuously can therefore be wasteful, the integration of sensor controls within luminaires that can turn off or dim the lighting in periods of absence offers significant energy savings.

Many warehouses are installed with skylights to allow natural daylight into the area, however luminaires are often not sensor controlled to take advantage of this and therefore run at full output during daylight hours. The integration of daylight sensors to dim luminaires in conjunction with natural daylight contribution can greatly reduce energy consumption.

Traditionally high level warehousing has been installed with Sodium or Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge sources. These luminaires consume significantly more energy than T5 or LED Lighting solutions; therefore replacement with these modern sources can provide energy savings even without the use of sensor controls.

For optimum savings the integration of all three solutions above, LED energy saving lighting, presence detection and daylight regulation sensors will provide the maximum energy savings and return on investment.

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