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Renovation help for Arnside Station

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Lighting solution to aid refurbishment of Arnside train station: Helping them to get back on track

Located in the rural village of Arnside, in Cumbria, Arnside train station serves the village enabling its residents to go from A to B. With a direct connection to the bustling city of Manchester, it provides a key service for commuters and wider reaching villages in Cumbria.

Working in partnership with Stobart Rail and Civils for Network Rail and Northern Rail, The McLennan Group aided in a 4-stage rail station refurbishment, renovating the old over bridge and making safety improvements to Arnside station.

Bridging the gap

Initial works for the 4-stage renovation of the over bridge were to provide lighting solutions to the temporary over bridge, which was achieved by installation of a safe site supply by way of a 110v transformer sited in one of the platform electrical cabinets. The lighting itself was secured to the scaffolding over bridge on specially sited deck boards to allow the correct lighting levels to be achieved across the full length of the structure for the public and was controlled via a localised Photo cell unit.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the refurbishment works were to include removal of all the old, rusty containment located to the outside of the structure on either platform and to the inside deck of the bridge itself, as this had become un-safe. This was followed by the re-siting of the supply cables to the far platform, which fed the platform and over bridge lighting. We removed these cables from all their old metal fixings and installed into temporary corrugated ducting along with the other PA cables which were located within the containment, to allow the bridge to be sand blasted ready to be repaired and painted.

Stage 2

Once the initial work had been started, we stripped back the supply cables to near side platform and redirected them on a new route inside the over bridge structure, so that any repair replacement works can be carried out safely away from the track. We then reinstated and tested all electrical installations so far for compliance.

Stage 3

The main part of the refurbishment was then started, with the installation of new containment across the over bridge deck section and around both stair case structures. We used two different sizes of Unitrunk weatherproof coated cable trunking across the main top deck area and on both of the stairwell units so that they could house the supply cables for the platform lighting as well as the data/ CCTV Siemens systems cables. This was key as it provided the electricity for the platform info boards ticket dispenser utilities etc.

Stage 4

Once the refurbishment had been completed, we safely removed all of the temporary lighting that had bene provided throughout the renovation across the temporary bridge.

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Client: Arnside Train Station Sector: Renovation Service: Electrical Project: Temporary Lighting

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